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Welcome to my gallery! Here you will find my passions for art, paintings, photography, and prints for sale. I started painting during the Pandemic in 2020 only utilizing the paint-by-number sets at first as a tool to calm some anxiety during the shutdown. I had no idea that I would be taking the painting hobby any further until one day my husband, Kirby Graff surprised me with a gift that changed my life! It was my first real professional painting set, blank canvases, brushes, and easel since I was a teenager, and that was ages ago. He said, he believed in my ability to paint not based on anything he had ever seen from the start of a blank canvas, but how I took a simple designed paint-by-number and enhanced it or changed the entirety of the theme. I had no idea what to start with on the blank canvas until our first real vacation in years viewing some of the photos I had taken. As I spent more time in the canvas world, I grew to love the experience as much as the beauty of creating something that others could feel moved by. I have also recently enrolled in Art Therapy Practitioner Courses so that I can help coach others who are struggling with emotional and or physical healing, such as anxiety, depression, stroke, dementia, or Altheimer's and the like. My past history studies involved Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology. I desire to open a physical Gallery where I am able to hold classes and sessions for those in need of such therapy. I have over 200 works of art. You will find some of them here, others hanging on my walls, and some on other walls.

Most of my original paintings you will find here can also be ordered as customizable prints.

Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you visit again.

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