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Ever since grade school I've had an interest and ability to be creative, either musically or drawling. I was around 8 years old when I won free art classes at the Bemis Art School here in Colorado Springs, CO. I was also hooked up with a couple of neighborhood kids who had played Beatles songs (garage band the late 60's) - I played the maracas and tambourine...we even played at a Junior High school band playoff/dance.
Moving forward I attempted to get better with both guitar and drawing, eventually taking some art courses at a Junior college (Diablo Valley Junior College and UCCS) and throughout the years formed several garage bands where we wrote and played our original songs (I played both rhythm and lead guitar, along with vocals). With regards to visual art, I mostly used pen and ink media in the beginning, along with Pencil, but since the pandemic began to teach myself Water Color (and love it).

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