About Showyourarts

Online art gallery that connects art to people

What is Show Your Arts ?

Showyourarts is a virtual platform that helps artists publish their art work for free using innovative tools.
Showyourarts lets you expose your arts via the Web, a virtual world platform and our mobile application. It offers you a 3D virtual gallery that you can personnalize and allows you to display your art works through an intuitive interface.

How does it work ?

You can post paintings and photograghs by uploading your images and you can post your art object by uploading the 3D model representation (.obj format). You can even post a video (.mp3 or .mp4 format) about your work. The video will be displayed on a TV in the virtual gallery.

Showyourarts offers you a dedicated page that you can share with your audience. Your visitors can visit your exhibitions in an entertaining and convenient way via the 3D World. They can enjoy the presentation or any music that you will display on the TV during their visit.

Why are we doing it ?

At Showyourarts, we believe that art is meant to be shared. To reach that goal, we offer you cutting edge tools for reaching your audience and we are commited to adding new creative features that will make the experience more enjoyable such as adding virtual personnal guides and let users interact with each others inside the galleries to increase stickiness.