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Daniela Stoykova is a young Bulgarian artist born in the town of Nova Zagora in 1990.
She has been creating art since a child, deepening her knowledge in the field of oil painting as a student in arts academy - AMTII Plovdiv.

In 2017 - 2018 she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and won the awards: First prize in the Food Art - Bellinzago competition, and the Sigillo Award for significant achievements in the field of painting at the La riseria Gallery in Novara, Italy.
In January 2018, Alson Gallery in Milan, presents her first personal exhibition - "The Red Journey", which enjoys much success and interest.

In March 2018, сhe participated in Damars 'prestigious exhibition "La donna nell' arte" at the Museum of Art and Culture, Milan, presented by the world-famous art critic Vittorio Sgarbi. Daniela was a member of the art organisation "Arte ad Arona", and participated in various exhibitions in the cities: Arona, Stresa, Milan, Oleggio, Oleggio Castello, Novara, Belinzago and Turin.

Stoykova's journey in art symbolizes the path of the strong woman and the human soul, which goes through difficulties, rain, snow, darkness, cold and wind, but always continues ahead, always reaching for light and never giving up.
Sometimes love and romance illuminate her world, sometimes everything sinks into melancholy and sadness. She has a shield of dreams and hopes presented by the red umbrella that protects her vulnerable and tender soul.
Daniela Stoykova's artistic language is formed by vivid colors and strong impact . The graceful silhouettes, almost like a mirror of the soul of each of us, inhabit the magical space of Daniela Stoykova's paintings. A major element in this artistic journey is the color red, which awakens emotions provoking strong and contrasting sensations such as passion and pain.


1) Smile at a woman, Italy, Oleggio 09.07. 2017
2) Open-air exhibition in Stresa, Italy 30.07.2017
3) The Strange Canvas, Oleggio, Italy 10.09.2017
4) Four Seasons at Olegio Castello, Italy, 08.2017
5) Food Art, Bellingzago, Italy, September 17-24, 2017. Exhibition-competition - 1st prize for contemporary artwork.
6) Opus, Novara, Italy, 11.13. 2017
7) The egg in all its sauces, Turin, Italy 30.09.2017
8) Finishing, Novara, Italy 04 - 11.12.2017
9) Halloween, Arona, Italy 21-29.10.2017
10) Christmas, "Santa Claus comes back by train" 7-10.12.2017
11) Personal exhibition - The Red Journey, Alson Gallery, Milan, Italy 23 .02. - 10.03.2018
12) Exhibition at the Museum of Art and Culture Milan, Italy March 6 - March 10, 2018
13) Exhibition in Credicoop, Milan, Italy March 5-20, 2018
14) Exhibition for Easter, Arona, Italy March 23-April 10, 2018
15) Personal exhibition "Moods", cultural center / gallery - Sofia House, June 22-July 1, 2018.
16) Personal exhibition "My Way" The Art of Love Bakery, 14.07. - 14.08.2018
17) Personal exhibition "Retrospection" Cultural Center - Lyulin, 04.09. - 04.10.2018
18) Exhibition of paintings in Milan, Via della Spiga 2, Il Salotto Milanese, shopping house 20.09.2018
19) Exhibition / Vernissage during the performances "Dimensions of Love", "Friends Show" and "Don Juan" at the Russian cultural center, monthly during 2018, 2019 year.

20) Personal exhibition "Winter Fairytales" Velingrad, Hotel Arte Spa and Park Hotel, February 23, 2019 - March 22, 2019


Sofia, Bulgaria

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