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Indiana based Abstract, Fluid artist & Photographer.

Paula Jessup was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a busy wife, business owner, mother and grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren. Viewers may see a landscape, seascape or minimalist textured art piece from time to time, but her main focus is Abstract Fluid Art. Drawing inspiration from her travels and nature, Paula allows color to dictate her composition. Other times with composition in mind, she chooses color to compliment it. But it's always the two elements together that are the focus and what makes a piece cohesive. Paula is a master of different arts, primarily photography. She is known for her stunning and amazing artwork and photography which have been presented and published in more than 12 different countries.

"As a young person I was always interested in all forms of art. I began sketching, drawing and painting when I was a teenager and I progressed into photography. In my late 20's I purchased my first digital camera and began using that to create minimalistic photographs. Throughout the years I taught myself, with the help of my father, to use computer programs for editing my photographs and that lead into me creating digital artwork. Mostly painting via Adobe Photoshop. That created interest in getting back into painting and I began painting as a "fluid artist" in 2021. Fluid acrylics really peeked my interest. I rapidly became obsessed with the color combinations, consistency and texture of fluid art. For me, fluid art is absolutely magical and each piece I create is an expression of myself and what I may be feeling at that time, it's me,"

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