The Great Spinneret
  • Artist : Painting by Oleksandr Dubrovskyy
  • Type : image
  • Price : 1145 $
  • Painting: Oil on Canvas. The Great Spinneret spins the thread of life, he attaches all people to himself and weaves them into the pattern of the world⠀⠀ The "Web of life" for me is the embodiment of some cosmic plan for the cyclical nature of life, in which the creative forces of the universe weave lives, fates and times The picture is painted in the open air. The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints. Responsible for the quality of each of my paintings. I am sending a picture of a well-packed in a cardboard or plastic box with plastic foam. I wish you a nice view and a good choice. Always yours Alexandr Dubrovskyy!
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