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My passion is to paint portraits of people, pets, and places usually from photographs. The media I prefer is acrylics, watercolor and graphite. Besides painting from photographs, I love to do abstracts. A room’s décor can be significantly enriched by having a custom painting or mural added to bring out the colors or style of the homeowner’s individual taste. Paintings can be done on a variety of surfaces like canvas, fabric, paper or wood (even rocks) which can be found in many different sizes and shapes.
Over my lifetime, having experienced the passing of loved ones, I truly have compassion for anyone who asks for a portrait to be done in memoriam. Any occasion can become a personal work of art, for example: a wedding, anniversary, graduation, holiday, vacation, birthday, birth of a child. A painting is a wonderful way of preserving that moment in time forever.
Whenever I work on a portrait, I strive to capture the personality of the subject; especially when painting the eyes and hair. When I paint the eyes and they appear to be looking back at me from the canvas, I feel I have succeeded. Modeling paste helps to add texture to the hair. It also adds extra shadows for a 3d effect. People love to be able to touch a painting and this technique adds to the overall experience of having a custom portrait done. Adding a personal object can also add to the subject’s uniqueness and helps tell the story.
Landscapes and buildings present different challenges as they often require precision in making sure the lines are straight. Modeling paste helps me create interesting lines when painting features like trees, water or mountains. Metallic paint is often used to reflect sunlight: it is especially effective as the sun or light source moves across the painting creating the same effect of the sun rising or setting.

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