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Blaine Peters is a journeyman iron worker and concrete sculptor by trade. Linda Johnson has been a career graphic artist and fine artist on the side until 2016 when they began collaborating to interpret the female form using steel and concrete.

Their entirely unique process in translating the visual rhythm of a line drawing into a three-dimensional object has resulted in an enlightening exploration of how such rigid materials can emulate a transformative moment in time.

They work together, building 4-7ft. steel armatures that are
constructed to abstractly represent women in various poses,
as if captured in a balletic moment, or in the midst of a
complex emotion. The frames are meticulously wrapped with steel wire, then mounted on either a steel base or custom rock feature.

Inspired by continuous-line drawings that explore the complexities of womanhood, their sculptures exhibit freedom of movement and expression, strength and dignity. Maintaining the integrity and fluidity of the line with the materials they’ve chosen to work with has resulted in evocative sculptures that invite the viewer to experience the play of light and shift in form from every angle.


312 Park Street

  • City
    Fort Collins
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    United States of America
  • Country
    United States
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