Flores De Mexico
  • Artist : Randy Burns
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 20 x 16"
  • The following features are from ***THIS PAINTING SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA*** ***FEATURED IN OUT OF THE ORDINARY GROUP FOR 01/06/2016. THANK YOU LYRIC LUCAS*** Like lanterns, these two flower varieties glow in Mexico. In fields and in celebration for Dia de los Muertos, marigolds and cockscombs are popular throughout and paid tribute here from memories of them in my favorite city Puebla.
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      Tsc      20-03-19 12:59

      Wow Randy, this is so beautiful and lovely . Awesome artwork .

    1.  image

      rbpainter      20-03-19 14:30

      Tsc, thank you for your comment on 'Flores De Mexico'. I am glad you enjoyed the memories of this field beneath the clouds. These are special flowers used in the times of Dia de los Muertos' (Day of the Dead) in Mexico.

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      Richardv      28-03-19 03:39

      Awesome work.

    1.  image

      rbpainter      28-03-19 08:42

      Richard, thank you for your comment.