• Artist : Randy Burns
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 20 x 16"
  • Price : 350 $
  • Heavenly, luminous clouds frame a brave group of souls balanced precariously atop one another. Balloons suggest a hint of support, but all is fragile and dangerous. The common fear of height here connects with us all, making this visual fable a thought provoking lesson.
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    1.  image

      timbass      17-03-19 19:41

      maybe this one should have been called ...OOOOOPPSS........very nice concept...

    1.  image

      rbpainter      17-03-19 19:57

      Thank you very much for your comment. I like your title. Glad you enjoyed the concept.

    1.  image

      timbass      17-03-19 20:06

      i always enjoy your work...i also recommend you to other artist on this web page...oh and i hope you like my rainy day doodles..they make me smile hope they make you smile as well.

    1.  image

      rbpainter      17-03-19 21:33

      Thank you very much. Yes, I do enjoy your work and gallery here. Keep creating. They always give me a smile.