Arizona, The Nurse and Hope
  • Artist : Randy Burns
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 36 x 24"
  • Price : 800 $
  • The following features are from ***Featured in the group Music CD Cover Design Covers on 02/17/2019. Thank you very much Michael Hoard.*** ***Congratulations, your work is featured on the homepage of "Created by Southern Artists" on February 15, 2019. Thank you very much David Neace for your support on this special painting dedicated to my late sister, Felicia.*** ***Featured in the group Out Of The Ordinary on 08/01/2015. Thank you very much for your support Lyric Lucas.*** Prior to my sister's death, she briefly lived in Arizona and fell in love with it. After many coversations with her by phone while she was there, I began to have a vision of what it may be like. She had recently given me a book titled 'Andy Warhol's Diary', which I fell in love with. She was a caring, loving nurse who I wanted to honor, not just for that reason, but because she was a beautiful person inside and out. During the time I had painted this piece, I was heavily into my c
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