A Dialogue With God
  • Artist : Randy Burns
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 36 x 24"
  • Price : 600 $
  • The following feature is from ***Featured in the group Look Towards the Sky on 05/06/2017.*** As the sun peeked behind trees on the horizon, the rays of its light illuminated phenomenal cloud formations. This scene was a week ago and I knew I had to get it on the canvas. A big size canvas was a must.
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    1.  image

      Tsc      02-04-19 10:32

      My favourite painting Randy . Excellent artwork .

    1.  image

      rbpainter      02-04-19 13:44

      Tsc, thank you for choosing this work as a favorite. I appreciate your saying so. Have a good day my friend. God bless and keep you always.

    1.  image

      StephenRobison      01-03-20 02:35

      I had to take a closer look to make sure it wasn't a photo but it was so real looking

    1.  image

      rbpainter      02-03-20 04:53

      Stephen, thank you for your comment on 'A Dialogue With God'. I appreciate it.