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Brandon Fisher has been a professional photographer since 2000 and was intimately involved with the photography and media management for some of South Africa’s largest sports and event sponsors as well as for many NGOs for over a decade. Although He did not receive a formal photography education, he does not believe in the term “self-taught”, stating: “We are all taught by someone, the term self-taught is an arrogant impossibility, that statement denies the many lessons we learn from so many who pass through our lives. I would know nothing if it weren’t for those who freely shared their wisdom with me.”

He was weaned on analogue film and this foundation afforded him a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of photography and reproduction. He photographed and managed the imaging archives of undoubtedly the country’s largest sports and social responsibility sponsor who leveraged their brand through compelling imaging. International rugby, motor racing, football, horse racing, golf and other global events are all part of his impressive resume. Global superstars in concert, photographing President Nelson Mandela with aligned foundations – these are but some of the many top-tier events he was commissioned to cover.

Brandon and his wife Daphne then sold this sports and events photo/media business and went on to grow a successful business outside of photography which they have also since sold.

His love for photography and his innate creativity have now brought him back to the art where he is originating new material which he finds relevant. He is not convinced on overly manipulating images and prefers the more authentic approach of capturing moments and scenes as they are. This conviction can be taxing, however he holds to this belief which effectively is what the early masters of the art subscribed to. If one were to look at their works, Brandons’s perspective would be better understood.

Only the finest Hahnemuhle Photo Rag cotton papers and canvas media are used which are now achieving unprecedented levels of longevity. Prints are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and are signed and numbered in limited quantities.



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