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Brief of Earthstone Chu

*Born in 1950. Became a professional artist since first solo show 1979. Studied comparison of art thoughts between China and West.

*From 1982, researched and practiced Taoism philosophy and internal kung fu by which art creation was deeply influenced, and they feedback each other. Explored the relation of art and freedom of the mind for 30 years.

*Enthusiastically devoting to art creation, he has paid attention as well to humanity, history and philosophy. The transition of society, environment, politic and economy is under his concern too. Feeding back each other between Nei Kung exercise and art creation is the key knot of Chu’s life foundation. Chu experienced the reality of “setting free from the obstacle of appearances, feeling the subtle of the core of life.” Then he expounds the dissolving concepts of life and creation with ”stably concentrating into the slow and fast, treating the lingering by following; greet and see off for everything by empty mind, come and go in forms with the wonderful any time.”

*He got continuous inspiration for creation because the boosting of inner power. Neither following the tide of value judgment in modern art from the West, nor the tide of value judgment in traditional art from East, Chu chose to dig into life by following the inner value from self developing, and created the life of art with expressing lingering without directions, and the mixture of gathering and dispersing based on the essence of universe—“involving and wandering”.

*Over 30 times solo exhibition. Art creation includes ink painting, calligraphy, oil painting, installation art.

*Written 9 books including ‘Appreciation and Knowledge of Art’, ‘The Gradation of Beauty’

*Columnist for Independent News, Liberty Time News, ARTCO Art Monthly.

Major Collections :
Citibank, Chemical Bank, Novia Scotia Bank, IBM, Grand Hyett, Hong Gah Museum, Artco de Cafe

Private Collections:
Taiwan, U.S.A., Germany, Australia, Sweden

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