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FROM my photos of Nature, with rich colors of Flowers, leaves, vegetables, sky, lakes, etc. in 20 years of work I did 33 folders with MORE of 130,000 abstracts digital paintings. On this site you can see only 30 \% of everything. Slideshow, like Van Gogh Show, is the best way for present my work.
It is possible to make new paintings from them with photoshops on computer; seating or lying down. Users can make their own personal exhibitions.
I wanted to paint a picture, but I became a math teacher. I discovered the way to painting through digital technique. My paintings are very good for slide shadow on the one or many screens at on time. In December-January 2019-20 I had one exhibition on Library Kitchener Ontario, Canada. It was slide on six screens, then one one on a wall projection. In addition 40 paintings were exhibited on the wall and album - folder with 50 pictures Kitchener in the night. I donated to auditorium over 200 print paintings.


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