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Hello! Ola! Bon Jour! Como Sava! This is SG Lewis, also known by my Artist name Timeswimmer. You have found my Gallery on Show Your Art, one of the places where my Art works are available on the World Wide Web/The Internet. These Are some interesting times, know as “The Correcting Times. “Times” when the world is changing drastically. Times when people, institutions, whole societies, Beliefs' Itself are morphing into new and different states. Times when the lies about what is happening are brought to the surface and exposed. Todays NEWS is focused on “the future”. UAPs, UfOs, beings from other planets, dimensions and realities. Times when what was argued to be “Fantasy”, Insanity...has began to be understood to be reality. When instead of locking people up for talking about their experiences, these experiences are being investigated by Governments around the world. I suggest instead of arguing about “if these phenomena are real” we assume they are and begin to decide what we should do if they are! My works, both stills and Animations have been and are focused on this “future”, which is “NOW” today. I could scream at you “WAKE UP!” But we are way past that. Welcome to the REAL WORLD!


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