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I'm a student at the University of the Creative Arts Canterbury studying my second year of Fin Art. My current works that you see here are works reflecting my relationship with the impermanent, and how coping with life's fragile moments is what becomes cathartic to us. I look towards my mothers youth as a bigger picture for my own. and I work entirely with fabric due to me and my mothers dedication to textiles. my most powerful pieces (in my opinion) are my quilted tapestry's that depict quotes my mum and her mum before used to say. Quilting is important in my family and in many other family's due to its collective and nostalgic nature. it solidifies clothing that's ripped or snagged over the years and creates a new lease of warmth and beauty. my mission for this was to show the impermanent beauty's of this world in a different changed light. Trying to make the impermanent permanent.


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