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Olu Sola Sanchez is from noisy, crazy, Habana, Cuba.

Born on June 23 rd, 1968, it didn’t take long for him to find himself holding a paintbrush. At the age of 6 he started creating his own unique approach and style to what he calls the game of divine creativity.

As an adult, Olu Sola Sanchez started painting regularly during a period of unemployment in 2006. The urge to express and share intricate perspectives with his hands and mind compelled him to commit to the tranquility and harmony of expression which comes with the art of creating.

Olu considers his art to be a combination of contemporary and abstract art; personally, he labels it ‘perspective vision’. His interest lies in sharing with others different aspects of his perspectives that can bring cerebral stimulation and surprises. His art aims to allow you to create your own reality and visualize according to constant changes of perspectives. He uses acrylic, oil, van gogh pencils, and watercolors. With those tools, his personal approach is to use creativity, transformation, perspective vision, and puzzle formations.

So far, Olu’s art has been featured in small events, such as celebrations, parties and friendly gatherings, as well as on social media - a platform he believes is valuable due to its ability to publish art works almost instantly. His work has even been purchased through social media and been published on multiple websites, as well as other social media accounts beside his own.

Olu Sola Sanchez is a known inspiration to other artists and friends, and the most disappointing thing for him would be to find himself unable to fulfill the commitment he has made to his art and to the work of sharing his artistic vision. Olu is consistently advising others to never give up from reaching their aspirations, even if it appears difficult. As far as his fans go, it is his intent to share his artistic results in a creative manner based on the liberty to see and create simultaneously. He anticipates that despite the futility in expecting accolades, the general response to his work couldn’t be of any disappointment due to its nature, being created to elicit the observers input. As a matter of fact, he has witnessed that all types of demographics relate to his artwork, but especially children, who are the most receptive and see almost every aspect of the paintings, as well as their own interpretations.

As a full time martial arts trainer, Olu works towards innovating teachings and techniques, an approach he calls S.S.S, or Street, Smart, Self-defense;but despite his equal commitment to martial arts, Olu is willing to sacrifice his time in favor of his artwork. With the goal to earn a living that would allow him to travel the world, he would devote his time to the gratifying profession of allowing his artistic expression to be reflected outside of himself through his art.



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