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Art is an imitation of life, it can represent a person, place, or thing. It tells a story of what the artist has captured in that particular time and moment, place and event. Times have changed in the art world we no longer have to put the paint to the canvas. A new form of art has come into existence such as digital art. The process of making art can be through a computer, you can make various colors, shapes and styles. In Generative Artworks, the portraits come from generated life like persons photos who have the potential of making portraits. The beauty of AI art making is that one photo can derive different portraits each time. It can either look similar to the original subject's photo or look completely different from the image. Composition in classic portrait visualization. 

​Reincarnation Art is bringing the past back to the present. One of the greatest things about living in the millennium is that you can recall past generations and decades, experience the events, fashions, music, entertainment, art, antiques and writings and so on. 

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