the pointy-headed South Georgia sandgnat..rainy day doodle #4
  • Artist : tim bass
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 8.5x11
  • Price : 0.0001 $
  • even though the pointy headed south georgia sandgnat is a vegetarian, it still scares the crap out of folks...from time to time.
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      MCLEOD      11-03-19 02:51

      I would wear any of these on a T shirt . I like looking at your stuff, there's so much variety. If I may ask, are you making a living out of this? Do you have more oils you can show? Damn good, son.

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      timbass      11-03-19 20:29

      best compliment ever..THANKS.. working on a new oil...still have 6 rainy day doodles to post, from back in the late seventies an eighties..still trying to figure out how to make money out side my little o'l sign shop.......i'll be 56 this year, old injuries are really coming back to haunt me..becoming very hard to carry out some of my daily labors.

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      timbass      11-03-19 20:39

      i would love to supplement my income with my art.. if you have any ideas i would love to hear them...also i think it would be cool to talk to a another artist there ar'nt any in my little far all the ones i have meet in jacksonville, fla seem to be arrogant or just want to get what they can get out of you...

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      timbass      11-03-19 20:40


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      timbass      11-03-19 20:47

      yeah, i think i'm just to much of a regular blue collar working guy for the ones i've meet in jacks. anyway cheers again.

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      MCLEOD      13-03-19 20:41

      I like that "Boatman" Charon drawing a lot. People are selling crap as art all the time. I wish I did have ideas for making a buck with paint, but I spent my working life as a steelworker and then as a machinist. Buying and selling are two of many things I don't do well. Painting is... more of a necessity than anything else. I can't stop. My

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      timbass      13-03-19 22:28

      hey Mcleod..they only give you a little space to write..some of what you where trying to write got cut off,..check it ..or you could call me at 912 390 1857..i have always thought artist should speak to each other...sadly most act like another artist is going to take something away them,... when that is not possible.....

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      timbass      13-03-19 22:30

      painting is a necessity...........true

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      timbass      13-03-19 22:52

      correction, maybe not most artist... but many i have met ......cheers anyway

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      MCLEOD      14-03-19 00:33

      Thanks, bc I have a phone phobia and a chepo phone I hate and can't hear. If you want to e-mail me. I can walk you around my area, talk about methods and artists or whatever. I have some paintings that I am stuck on I would like advice. I like the idea of being in touch with skilled people.