charles darwin's missing piece of the puzzle..rainy day doodle #6
  • Artist : tim bass
  • Type : image
  • Price : 25 $
  • #2 pencil....rainy day doodle info....the people who said i wasted my time in high school were right...but at 56 years of age i still laugh when i look at these...
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yeah..i got your moon right here... it's not easy being green mermaid knock knock, who's there....the 1980's...DO NOT ANSWER THAT DAMN DOOR!!!! morning oil sometimes when deep sea tubeworms expel sea water they are caught by surprise, rainy day doodle #5 watch your mouth..around joe the toe...  rainy day doodle #7 mother and son denise's picture
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      MCLEOD      29-04-19 15:47

      Aw, geez, Bass, is that a map of Louisiana?