Morning Glory
  • Artist : Tim Bass
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 30inchx22inch
  • oil painting for sale
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yeah..i got your moon right here... what.? i can't smoke...? the oil getting so angery you want to explode can be a bad idea.... rainy day doodle #9 Sunrise on Jekyll Island shaky...rainy day doodle #8 knock knock, who's there....the 1980's...DO NOT ANSWER THAT DAMN DOOR!!!! the boat man is always happy to see you sometimes when deep sea tubeworms expel sea water they are caught by surprise, rainy day doodle #5
    1.  image

      MCLEOD      05-04-19 15:50

      Those doodles are clean, brother. But the intensity of your paintings knocks me out.

    1.  image

      timbass      05-04-19 18:24

      you are no doubt, good, upstanding, cool people...we need more of that in this also have good taste in art...he he