Yesterdays' Truth

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RAven Art Studio



I chose to bring you forward to our past. These pictures will tell the story of who we really were and if I succeed in my mission – what we were meant to be.

Our footprints brought us ever too early to our tomorrow but nonetheless we are here; If we time our response to our current situation there is a vestige of hope we may get it right and move on to our next stage of evolution.
As you follow the footpath may each exhibit open you up and awaken in you a sense of longing for the treasures that were lost as we misjudged their value on our morale and so allowing them to slip away, while encouraging progress as a worthy replacement for change.

I invite you to look now on our past fortunes; if you still have virgin eyes, see them, remember… All of our youth and morale are locked away in their meaning more today. This reset, the only one capable of revitalizing everything we meant or even stood for in our stint on earth. Simplicity sacrificed at the acceptance of modernization and industry.

May this exhibit remind you, that as responsible as we are for the culpable eroding effects of the day; we are also the answer for the change.


  • RAven The Artist Solo

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  • 2021-09-10 - 2021-09-10
  • 07:00 PM -
  • The Art Lounge, Barataria, Port of Spain
  • Free


RAven Art Studio

I grew up drawing and painting my “little masterpieces” for sale to my auntie’s trusted friend and classmate who welcomed my creativity and rewarded me handsomely for each piece. At the time I did not know that he, 'Roger Alleyne' was a cultural icon, sculptor and artist within the Visual Arts Community. I was five. Now, looking back, I see, he was molding me, enticing me even, to become the creative individual I am today! By the time I was a teenager there wasn’t a piece of textile I didn’t leave my mark on, with my messages of truth and thrusts of romanticism. But as time passed on my pursuits lead me into the world of business; and throughout my early twenties I would later rediscover my creative attributes and pursue architectural design to become an interior designer. The walls have been my canvas for many years and now once again, the canvas.

I am RAven of RAven Art Studio. I am a national of the twin pearl isles of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago that sit in the North Atlantic Ocean in reverent beauty just off the coast of Venezuela in the vibrant Caribbean Seas. My major is Interior Design, but I share portfolios as the Lead Interior Designer, and Visual Design Coordinator at the studio with my business partner and husband, equally I am a visual artist, a creative and my canvas is my release.

My inspiration is fueled by our vast array of island wildlife, the silence, the many comforts of nature, the gleaming speckle of the stars by night and yes, by the genius talents left over by the master of the arts themselves, Jacob Isaacszoon van Swanenburg, the challenging renditions passed to us from Rembrandt's chapter, and who can resist the realism of Willem Witsen's scenic harbor portrayals that long stay adrift on our minds, to name but a few. To these greats and too so many other talents, I accredit my love and reverence for the arts.

My voice is my own and in painting, and creating I am heard. – RAven

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