Portland Winter Light Festival (Attending, and Volunteering)

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Why During The Winter?

Inspired by light festivals around the globe, the. Portland Winter Light Festival, a Willamette Light Brigade event, aims to counteract the city’s tendency to hibernate during the winter. The festival brightens up the winter skyline and brings warmth to the outdoors with dazzling displays of light, color, and imagination. Bundle up and celebrate with us!

Free, All Ages Event!

The Portland Winter Light Festival is interactive, family-friendly, and designed to inspire adults and kids alike. Combining art and technology, people of all ages will find something to capture their spirit and fill their minds with imagination and wonder.

This year's theme is "The Light of Progress". Festival artists will utilize this theme and what it means to them in their final installations.


  • From 2017 2.ink Studio & TLP - Lumascope* Andrew Haddock
  • Amy Spreadborough & Anmarie Trimble - Light Chimes Andrew Wade Smith & Brent Williams - Substation Transformation Amy Meyer
  • Forrest Grenfell & Jacob Highlanden - TREEFLECTION Axiom Custom Products - Hypnotrons; Sphere Bohdi Baber & Heather Linn - Pontexurere Cat Chiu Phillips - Shine Craig Dorety - A Moon and Many Suns Chris Pitzer - Skylight Cymaspace - Cymatic Star Ellumiglow - Harmony Park Fred Knack - Carved Light Hacker

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  • 2018-02-01 - 2018-02-03
  • 06:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Portland, OR
  • Free


Just'Us Art Gallery

Just'Us' Art Gallery - An Art Gallery dedicated to reaching, teaching, and Learning from those incarcerated, as well as those who have Earned Their Freedom.

Our mission is to lower the rate of Recidivism in our communities, and across the Nation.Not just for us, for anybody who's been incarcerated, or still is. We know Art Heals! #EndRecidivism!

May we Never Return, Or forget what We Learned!
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