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Fiber artists Alyssa Arney and Liz Flynn will be hosting two crochet workshops in conjunction with the Pleasure Objects exhibition on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at Gallery 211. These workshops will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn the basics of crochet and begin work on their very own crochet projects. By the end of each workshop, attendees will leave with the skills and tools needed for them to complete their crochet pieces.

We don’t want these workshops to be one-shot events; we aim to inspire people to take home their hook and yarn and continue to build upon the skills they learned with us! Join us for Crochet Workshop #1 on April 30th at 1pm and for Crochet Workshop #2 on May 21st from 1 to 6pm.

What’s so great about crochet?

It’s relaxing! Crocheting and other crafting activities can be meditative and relaxing for many, allowing a feeling of productivity without extreme mental strain. Crocheting is a great way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. It’s also a wonderful way to alleviate boredom.

It’s empowering. Being able to express yourself through craft and art is a wonderful experience. Knowing that you have the skills to make something from scratch for yourself and others builds self esteem and autonomy. Crocheting can be financially empowering as well. Many crocheters sell their handmade creations at local markets and online.

It requires “real world” skills. Crocheting is not simply mastering the motor skills of using hook and yarn. Crocheting helps with the development of project planning skills. Any crochet project, no matter how small, requires visualizing an idea, planning the necessary steps, working consistently, and creating a finished project.

It builds community! Knitting and crochet circles and workshops (like ours!) are amazingly close knit (forgive the pun) yet open groups where people can make new friends and meet with others who have common interests. Crocheting and other crafting practices also have strong online communities, where people can connect and share ideas internationally. Learning to crochet also gives fiber artists a feeling of being tied to the traditions and cultures of generations before them, and can inspire them to pass on the practice of crocheting to future community members.


Alyssa Arney is an artist and curator of exhibitions labeled under the umbrella that is contemporary art. Born and raised in Indiana, she fled the myopic city she hailed from in order to pursue a college education at the John Herron School of Art and Design where she received a BFA in printmaking. Due to the nature of her upbringing, it is largely important for her to explore as much of the world and the art it contains to obtain a better understanding of disparate societies, cultures, and artistic thought(s) that challenge hers and others perspectives on what art can be, as well as realizing projects and exhibitions that create thought-provoking dialogue and art and cultural exchanges for the public.

Liz Flynn is a fiber artist and museum professional from Riverside, California. She holds a BA in Art History/Administrative Studies and a minor in Education from UC Riverside. She believes that opportunities to create and experience art should be given to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status Through her work, she aims to make art and the enrichment it provides as fun and accessible to as many people as possible.

- - Gallery 211 is sponsored by Westcliff Properties/Yvonne Flores


  • Alyssa Arney
  • Liz Flynn

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  • 2016-04-30 - 2016-05-21
  • 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM
  • 211 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • Free


Gallery 211 - in the Artists Village of Downtown Santa Ana, CA

Gallery 211 features an Artist per month in conjunction with the first Saturdays Art Walk in DTSA. The gallery is a family run gallery and is coordinated by the team of Allyssa Flores and Yvonne Flores. It is now in its 2nd year of operation and has hosted open mic sessions, poetry readings, book signings, acoustic acts, live bands, and Artists of various styles and using various mediums. Most recently, Gallery 211 was nominated in OC Weekly’s Reader's, Choice Best of 2015 for the "Best Art Gallery" category.

On the First Saturday of every month, downtown Santa Ana hosts its very own Art Walk in the Artists Village, drawing over 3,500 attendees and showcasing over 20 unique galleries, performances, artisan vendors and much more. Stop by for a visit from 6pm to 10pm at the 2nd Street Promenade and surrounding blocks.

Our gallery is at the end of the 2nd Street Promenade and at 211 N. Sycamore St.

There are no elevators in the gallery and ascending stairs is required to access the mezzanine. However, most of the art can be seen from the 1st floor. The 3rd Floor Lounge is closed to the public, and reserved for Westcliff Properties, it's employees, and invited guests.

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