Butterfly Stem seven
  • Artist : Marian Lamb
  • Type : image
  • Dimensions : 8.5x11
  • Mixed media 75
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    1.  image

      toriansvishion      27-06-19 23:59

      You have some great art very creàtive how do you create the patterns Torian

    1.  image

      Marian Lamb      28-06-19 15:43

      Hi and thanks! I either draw, paint or photograph something and then alter it using digital technology. I like PS express a lot. Sometimes I import my art into a coloring app, strip it of color and re-Color it to create a new version. Hope this helps explain my process.

    1.  image

      toriansvishion      02-07-19 15:34

      thanks that does help I would like to try putting some of my finished works in such a program to see what come out thanks for the response TORIAN