Hands Of Time
  • Artist : Shirley Janisse
  • Type : image
  • Price : 125 $
  • "Hands of Time" Sharpie Permanent Marker on Canson Paper. I have been thinking about my life quite a bit lately I think about time, how much I have spent and how much I have wasted. I read an article yesterday that talked about the hands. The way they help you in your everyday life. How you hold your first cup, your first pencil or crayon, your first lover, your first baby. How you fold them together to pray. Your hands hold your entire life story, and one day it will be those same hands that Jesus will grab a hold of to take you home. I don't know what my future has in store for me, and lately it's been pretty scary, but as long as I can keep using my hands I will draw. Who knows, maybe I will write a book and do my own illustrations.
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