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My art is diverse in photography as well as art rendering and sketch art in charcoal and pencil mediums. My skills are with pencils, color, charcoal and shading techniques to breathe life into the art I work with.

My photography is based in landscape, animals and humanity. I love traveling to different cities and countries and finding the expression in every subject. I love capturing the unknown moment, one you don't even realize until you look at the shot you just captured. The moment that takes your breath away and inspires others.

My passion is to help others bring their art to life and I am blessed to share my gift with others. Thank you for allowing me to share a small part of myself with you and enjoy the tour.

Please note that all artwork featured on this site is under full copyright protection. Please do not violate this infringement law by copying any images for your own without express permission of the artist. Thank you for respecting my art.

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