About Hal Barbera

Retired, 75, and maybe lost in the past! Originally from South Jersey but now a Floridian.

Music was an escape and little else was expected. So I studied music and later math. However, I dropped out and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1963.

Earned a full scholarship to attend Penn State and graduated with a BS in Meteorology in 1967.

I was then commissioned as an 'officer and a gentleman.' Both disputed by my two wives.

Left the service in 1979 and decided to try computer programming.

Worked At the Department of State as a computer consultant for over 25 years. Happily retired in 2007 and left it all behind.

So, in my lifetime I went from music, to math, to meteorology and finally to the matrix. Now my advocation is all in my mind.

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